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Written by Lee Gonet

Each human being reflects God's glorious creation in unique ways and therefore thinks and processes differently. Neither the ACT nor the SAT is harder than the other, and they both test the same general information; nevertheless, they are structured differently, and as a result, a student, typically, scores higher on one test over another.

Begin with the End in Mind

Written by Lee Gonet

I was raised by loving parents who trusted the “system.” Any system. Our governmental system, our legal system, our educational system. Someone was in charge. Many someones would lead me through the grades and I would reach the other side educated and ready for college. Right? Not exactly...

Why Your Child Should Start a Resume at Age 12

Written by Lee Gonet

Do you try to talk with your child and they just stare blankly? You ask, “What did you do today?” Response: “Nothing exciting.” You inquire, “What did you learn?” Response: “Nothing important.”

Patience is always called for in these moments because, unlike adults, who are always reviewing past conversations or planning future events, children live in the moment and what happened that morning is irrelevant to them. However, regardless of how different a teen’s world is from an adult’s, your child’s future depends on past performances.

How to Be Your Child’s Best Guidance Counselor

Written by Lee Gonet

I know you are thinking: “I barely have time to accomplish what is already on my plate, and now she wants me to add ‘Guidance Counselor’ to the list? Doesn’t the school take care of these things?” Actually, many do not, and certainly not as well as you could as your child’s parent.

Necessary Skills for Training Up Your Teenager

Written by Lee Gonet

Adolescence should be a time of preparation. Parents need to change gears and spend less time protecting and providing and more time teaching their children how to protect and provide for themselves. In other words, adulthood is just around the corner, but unfortunately, many children leave for college ill-prepared for the challenges that will face them.

Dot Every i and Cross Every t: The College Application

Written by Lee Gonet

“Hello? Admission’s Office?”




“I am calling on behalf of my son who just received a rejection notice. It was my fault his application was late. We’ve had such a busy year, and I lost track of the time. I forgot to get the application filled out, and then I noticed that we had missed the deadline. Would you please make an exception?”


This parent actually wanted me to support her opinion that the school unfairly rejected her son’s application!


A student who cannot follow deadlines, fill out applications, or make phone calls will not succeed in the college world...

How Important Are Extra Curricular Activities Towards Earning Institutional Scholarships?

Written by Lee Gonet

Unless a student has high ACT/SAT scores and a strong GPA, not very much.


First of all, what is an institutional scholarship? One that is awarded by the college itself rather than by outside benefactors, and colleges offer the largest awards.

College admissions officers receive thousands of applications each year, and their first step is to pare down the list. Even though everyone says scores should not reflect what a student can accomplish, most schools still rely on these tests and grades to simplify the admission decision. After all, national school rankings are based in part by their students’ ACT/SAT scores—the highest ranked schools have entering freshmen with high scores.

How to Find and Earn Privately-Sponsored Scholarships

Written by Lee Gonet

The average price of a state-run college is now $24,610 per year (, and since most students take over five years to graduate that’s a whopping $123,050 per diploma! Thankfully, tens of thousands of scholarships are available each year and many go unclaimed because students are unaware of their existence. However, the keys to success are being proactive in the search, careful in the application, and effective in the essay.

Why Is the FAFSA so Important?

Written by Lee Gonet

  1. You cannot attend most colleges without it.

  2. It may earn you financial aid for school.


The majority of colleges in the United States require students to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The government uses this form to determine a family’s ability to afford a college education for their children, and most colleges use this information to award grants, loans, work-study opportunities, even non-federal aid.

How to Improve Your ACT Scores

Written by Lee Gonet

Most test-prep advisors tell you to set goals, know what to expect, prepare mentally and physically, pinpoint problem areas, and don’t give up trying to improve. These are all general words of wisdom you should apply. However, I am going to give you tips you can directly implement on practice tests, which have been successfully proven to raise scores.

ACT vs SAT: Which Test Is Best for You?
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