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... Increasing students' scores in the Montgomery area since 1996!

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Next BootCamps in 2024:
June 3-7 and July 8-12

Cloverdale Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama

BootCamp costs $250, which includes 2 full-length practice tests, personalized instruction, test-taking strategies specific to the ACT®, and college counseling!

Late fee of $50 after May 20 for June BootCamp or June 24 for July BootCamp!

Private Tutoring

Lee is also available for private tutoring throughout the year @ $50 per hour.

A two-hour session includes review of all four sections of a previous ACT test, teaching skills applicable to personal errors, instruction on game-plan strategies, and a practice test to take before the next session.

Contact me for more information or to schedule a session.

20% Discount for Returning Students!


Boot Camps include practice tests, review handouts, and instruction for only $10 per hour per student!


Lee Gonet has perfected her unique method of test preparation while working with students over the past 27 years. After receiving general instruction and a review of necessary skills, students take practice tests, then individually rework missed problems, and finally analyze error types in group settings. This process has improved students’ scores dramatically because:

1. They recognize foundational skills which they either missed or are not applying.

2. They identify repeated mistakes made through habitual errors.

3. They discover what their score could be if time constraints were not an issue.

4. They are encouraged by gradual increases, gaining confidence.

5. They become more relaxed and less anxious about the test. 


Start test-prep while still a Freshman or Sophomore! Students who are Juniors or Seniors always regret waiting, and magnet schools begin practicing when students are still in middle school. Often students will take Lee's classes 2 or 3 years in a row increasing their scores gradually as they gain maturity and improve subject skills in school.

Bootcamp Schedule:

Monday: 8:00-12:30 Learn How to Apply Test-taking Strategies Specific to the ACT

Tuesday: 8:00-12:30 Take 1st Practice Test / 1:00-4:00 Individually Rework Errors

Wednesday: 8:00-12:30 Review 1st Test in Class

Thursday: 8:00-12:30 Take 2nd Practice Test / 1:00-4:00 Individually Rework Errors

Friday: 8-12:30 Review 2nd Test in Class


"Your class has given him the motivation and the jump start he needed, as well as a plan of action for how to handle section prep, practice exams and corrections. Meaning, you provided a battle plan and I can't thank you enough." -Parent, LAMP

"Your class was fantastic. Thank you for the great tips and tricks, I was able to improve my test score by 20% and received an awesome college scholarship!" –Student, Homeschool

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your help during your classes. I got my scores back, and I got the magic number 30! I was so excited I almost started crying. Thanks to your help I do not have to worry about taking the ACT my senior year.” –Student, Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School


“Our daughter upped her score 8 points and earned 100% of the scholarships she needed. I can't thank you enough. The money we saved as a result of the scholarship which was awarded for ACT/Academics will be used for graduate studies.” –Parent, Saint James


“I’ve never seen my daughter work so hard! You made her believe in herself. Thank you so much.”
–Parent, Trinity

“Thank you so much for all the tips and techniques you bestowed upon me for taking the ACT!
I made a 31, upping my score by 10 points! Thank you for all your help in getting me to my goal!!"
–Student, Saint James

"We want to thank you again for all the help you provided for our daughter in your ACT class. We got her test results yesterday and her composite rose 7 points!  We were so pleased!!!  Your class was invaluable to her.  I hope that our youngest daughter will be able to take your class next year.
Thanks again.”  - Parent, Homeschool


Lee Gonet has taught college and test preparatory classes in the Montgomery area since 1996. She and her husband of 45 years spend their time hiking, swimming, reading, and traveling with their two grandchildren.


They established the first homeschool association in Alabama, and after teaching their own children at home, who earned degrees in Art and Electrical Engineering, Lee taught other homeschooled teens, developed curricula, and worked full-time in a classical Christian school. An admitted info junky, she loves history and has sponsored state winners at National History Day in Washington DC for many years.

Lee is currently working on a Master's Degree in Classical Christian Studies but is primarily self-taught. As a teacher or student, she loves discussions, debates, and deep inquiry which can provide a sense of ownership over one’s own education. As an avid learner, she loves challenging teenagers to excel beyond what society considers possible by teaching young people to think deeply, learn intensely, and act purposefully outside the classroom box. 

Angela May is a native of Montgomery and has taught high-school level math courses since 2001. She and her husband have been married over 30 years, and outside of teaching, she loves to read, sew, study, create, and enjoy the company of her two grandsons.


For twenty-six years, Angela home educated her five sons, who now have graduate degrees in Accounting, Physical Therapy, Finance, Exercise Science, and Computer Science. She has also instructed other homeschooled students in a variety of subjects such as Bible, Ancient Civilizations, IEW writing, and General Science. Additionally, she taught part-time in a local classical Christian school, and also in a classical program, where she helped write curricula.


Angela is currently an instructor for Algebra I and II, as well as Geometry, which are her favorite subjects. She loves expanding her knowledge and seeking new ways to teach her students. While she doesn't expect them to fall in love with math, she does hope to instill in her students an understanding of the material and a confidence in their work, leading to success. 

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