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"Two of my children have taken Lee's ACT prep class. With her help, both of them received scores that qualified them for very helpful scholarships. Lee expects students to treat the ACT prep class seriously, and she requires them to follow a rigorous schedule that helps them be prepared for the early test day. Students practice taking actual ACT tests, and they check and correct missed questions/problems. Lee also teaches test taking strategies; for example, students learn how to choose answers to multiple choice questions by using the process of elimination. In addition to test taking prep, students are encouraged to ask questions about and discuss issues concerning college in general. Lee has a wealth of knowledge concerning the admissions and scholarship application process that high school seniors need to know. As a parent, I am grateful that Lee provides this class. Because of her educational experience and professionalism, when my older two needed an ACT prep class, I knew that Lee would teach them test-taking skills that would positively influence their scores. In truth, that is exactly what happened for us. Thank you, Lee!" -Parent, Homeschool


“I am so proud to see that you are offering your ACT course again this summer. My son took your course and now it's my daughters turn. I know it will be as much a blessing to her as it was to him.” –Parent, Homeschool


"I attended Mrs. Gonet’s ACT prep class at the end of my junior year in high school. I had taken several practice tests beforehand and felt that I had done well enough. I was amazed, though, at how my score had improved by the end of the week. My total composite score went up five points and I received a substantial scholarship to my choice college as a result! I would highly recommend this class to any student! It is a challenging course, one that will prepare students well for the ACT. Mrs. Gonet is very thorough with each student, making sure everyone has a solid understanding of all the material covered. She also gives practical tips on how to budget your time and relax during the test. My experience taking the ACT was a success, thanks to Mrs. Gonet’s class!" -Student, Evangel Family Christian Academy

“My daughter went up 3 overall points! Thank you! Thank you!”

–Parent, Auburn High School

"As a family, we really love your course.  It helps all people taking the ACT, whether a beginner or repeat.  My son came home the first day excited about the format and already believed it would be helpful for him.  The format helped him develop a way to practice and enabled him to formulate a plan of attack for the upcoming tests and throughout the year. He jumped 3 points in his score and I am absolutely positive it was a direct result of your course.  The peer learning environment along with your no-nonsense approach of breaking down everything was huge for him. His final score was a 29 and he did get a scholarship to Auburn University, Auburn campus. This course was well worth the time and money and we will absolutely use it as much as we can for our daughter's ACT prep work. Thanks for all you do!!"

-Parent, Homeschool 

“I upped my composite score 4 points from the last test, which is really exciting! Thank you for all your help.” –Student, Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy

“Thanks for the opportunity my son had to take your class.  He thinks you are an excellent teacher.  Hopefully, you will see us again next year.” –Parent, Homeschool

“Thank you for teaching me. I went up 4 points from the first time I took it!”

–Student, Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy

“My oldest son took your ACT prep class in 2012. It was such an asset to him he encouraged me to sign his brother up to take the class too.” –Parent, Homeschool

“Thank You for teaching the class! You definitely helped me a lot.”

–Student, Success Unlimited

“The girls have their ACT scores back and they were great!  Had a twin moment-they had different test scores but same composite: 33. How cool is that?! Thanks for the great class!” –Parent, Homeschool

“I just checked my scores and my composite is 31! I just wanted to thank you for all of the help and for teaching the was such a great help!! God Bless! -Student, Homeschool

“I just received my ACT results. I did better than I expected - a 32. Thanks so much for all of the information and tips that you provided; I really think that they helped my score.”

-Student, Homeschool

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